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Differentiation Done Right

While you teach small groups, Happy Numbers individualizes instruction for the rest of the class,
and gives you actionable insights about student growth.

College Readiness Lives or Dies in Elementary Classrooms

Only ½ of US high school students are ready for college math. Those who lag behind their peers by grade 8 have been on this clear trajectory since kindergarten

To prepare today's elementary students for the jobs of tomorrow, we first need to prepare them for high school and college.

This is why implementing quality resources and instruction in grades PK—5 is so critical.

College readiness

Depth over Breadth, Quality over Quantity

"All-singing, all-dancing" resources don't lead to deep conceptual understanding. Time-tested pedagogy and research do. Happy Numbers is built on this vision — empowered by the latest technology and shaped through our work with real teachers across the country.

Connected PK—5 Math Story

Math by its very nature is an interconnected subject that builds on itself, and so is Happy Numbers. It's a coherent PK—5 math story, not a shopping list of stand-alone rules and processes. The thoughtfully-designed progression of skills, concepts, connections, and tools that students acquire through Happy Numbers ensures a firm foundation for middle school and beyond.

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Meaning behind Math with Every Touch

Mastering math is about more than just getting the right answer. Students need to understand the reasoning behind their actions, having the flexibility to respond to challenges along the way.

Happy Numbers technology allows for hands-on modeling with a diverse range of manipulatives. Through multiple representations (number line, hundred chart, base-10 blocks, etc.), students approach math from different angles and move from concrete to abstract thinking. New concepts are introduced strategically — students acquire new learning while reinforcing prior knowledge and forging connections between the two. Read more...

With Happy Numbers, students learn to "think math" and achieve procedural fluency. Read less

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Individualized Scaffolding and Feedback

Happy Numbers builds an individualized math dialogue and responds to students just the way you would: unpacking concepts step-by-step, scaffolding learning, and providing immediate feedback based on student inputs.

Individualized pacing means those who demonstrate mastery progress more quickly, and those who need more instruction receive it. As a result, students spend most of their time in productive struggle mode (also known as the Zone of Proximal Development), which leads to the greatest learning gains. And to ensure students never get stuck, targeted feedback helps them correct any mistake — students experience mistakes as opportunities for learning! Read more... Read less

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And did we mention?
...students love it!

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Differentiation = Success for Every Student

The average 1-to-1-instructed student scores higher than 98% of those in a conventional
non-differentiated classroom. That's the power of individualized instruction: every student can succeed.

How can a teacher be everywhere at once?

While we can't clone teachers, Happy Numbers can ensure students get quality instruction when working independently (freeing up teachers to differentiate with small groups):

  • Each student starts off at the right point in the curriculum thanks to built-in Quantile-based assessments
  • Students progress at their own pace through our pedagogy-rich math story, supported by instant, individualized feedback and scaffolding
  • Teachers get actionable insights from Happy Numbers to inform their differentiation strategy
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