Math Centers that Deliver — Differentiation Done Right

While you teach small groups, Happy
Numbers serves as an independent math
providing individualized instruction
for the rest of the class.


Driven by Pedagogy and Research, Supported by Technology

At its core, Happy Numbers is based on the best pedagogical practices for approaching each skill and concept: visual modeling, using concrete manipulatives and other time-tested approaches to math instruction. We put it together with the latest technologies available, allowing us to foster independence through:

  • Immediate feedback and remediation for errors
  • Adaptive scoring that provides the amount of practice each
    student needs to master a concept
  • Sound support for non-readers so they can learn and
    demonstrate math ability without being hindered by reading ability

If you’re tired of ‘all-dancing, all-singing, little learning’ resources,
then Happy Numbers is a perfect solution for you!

Compatible with Any Device

(okay, not toasters, but you know what we mean :)

iPad & Mac

via Safari


PC & Android

via Google Chrome