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Curriculum for Kindergarten

Driven by Pedagogy, Supported by Technology (and not vice versa),
Happy Numbers will make your math centers deliver results.

Students use familiar base-10 blocks, scenarios with objects, the number line, and equations to explore basic concepts of subtraction. Students determine both differences and missing subtrahends as they gradually move from concrete models to abstract equations. They also relate subtraction to addition through exploration of fact families.

Students continue to complete familiar tasks, now using 0 as an addend, subtrahend, or difference. They use scenarios with objects, a number line, and equations.

Students differentiate a “ten” from ones using a ten-frame or rod. They begin to explore the composition of 2-digit numbers and number names. These exercises form a foundation for later learning about place value and addition strategies. Students use the vertical number line for the first time.

Students sort, count, add and subtract a ten and ones. They see a group of ten displayed to the right of ones as well as to the left and see both vertical and horizontal alignments of 10 objects. They solve for different positions in +/- equations in which all of the ones or a whole ten are added or subtracted.