Happy Numbers: Results Proven by Research

     To ensure that Happy Numbers equips each student to succeed and have the best experience possible, we continually track the efficacy of our personalized instruction and assessment system at all stages. Based on the results of this research, we fine-tune the Happy Numbers platform to provide optimal instruction and reliable outcomes for your students.

Evidence for ESSA

    The 2021-2022 findings meet ESSA Level III (Promising Evidence) requirements, as they demonstrate a positive and statistically significant relationship between Happy Numbers usage and end-of-year math scores among kindergarten and first-grade students. Moreover, students who completed the number of tasks aligned with Happy Numbers recommendations had the largest effect size compared to those who used Happy Numbers the least.
    Click to see the ESSA Tier III research highlights and the Happy Numbers logic model
    The full report of the Happy Numbers ESSA Tier III study is available through this link.

Happy Numbers’ Impact on Student Math Achievement

     Kindergarten and grade 1 students who used Happy Numbers at a medium to high rate during the school year made greater gains than students with low or no usage. The difference was positive and statistically significant. Significant increase in math proficiency was observed across all initial achievement levels. Click to read the research brief.


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