Advanced Math for K-1: Digging Deeper into Numeration

Our exciting work at doesn’t just happen in front of a computer screen – it takes place in the classroom as well. As we interact with students at all levels, we often find the opportunity to explore non-standard solutions or build mathematical logic. These discoveries have inspired us to develop the Extended Thinking Series, a set of supplemental resources for each topic that will provide a fun challenge for students and push them to use higher-order thinking skills. Enjoy and subscribe to our blog for more Extended Thinking Series ideas!

Even children at the earliest stages of learning numeration can demonstrate strategic problem solving. At a time when teachers are expected to teach with depth and rigor, our advanced thinkers cannot just be pushed ahead to the next topic. We must provide them with more challenging ways to explore and test their understanding. To that end, we offer teachers Numeration 1-10: Taking it Further


The two worksheets that comprise Numeration 1-10: Taking it Further encourage extended thinking about this topic by adding a spatial/relational element to numbers. The first worksheet challenges students to create a ‘flow’ of numbers from lower to higher values by drawing arrows, which is great for reinforcing comparison skills:


The second worksheet reverses the task, asking students to correctly arrange numbers in similar diagrams and even choose their own numbers to complete the diagrams:


The worksheets are great to use at leveled math centers, for independent work while you provide remediation, or as a fun challenge for ‘early finishers’.

Once students have the hang of the concept, there are even more options for its use. Using the same worksheets, ask students to try changing the ‘flow’ of number value to higher to lower. For a more hands-on approach, enlarge and copy a few blank puzzle frames onto cardstock. Instruct students to roll dice or draw cards to generate numbers, which they can place right onto the game board.

Our implementation of these advanced exercises in the classroom has proven them to be stimulating, educational, and well-liked by students. We’re sure your class will experience these same benefits as well. Please let us know how they worked out for your students and whether you have any further ideas for expanding on this activity. We’d love to see pictures of this concept in use in your classroom!

Enjoy and subscribe to our blog for more Advanced Exercise Series ideas!



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