Overview on Funding

How to Raise Funds for Your School

Would you love to use Happy Numbers in your school, but you’re not sure how to pay for it?

It would be great if funding for educational programs, apps, and resources magically appeared whenever you needed it. The reality is that you have to work within a budget, and when that runs out, you have to find other ways to meet your needs.

To help you access the funding you need for your school, we’ve put together some helpful tips, strategies, and resources that you can use. Here’s what you need to know:

Raising Money for a Classroom

If you are a classroom teacher and only need to raise money for your class or you only need to raise a small amount of funds, you may consider crowdfunding.

This approach to fundraising means that you’ll ask parents, community members, and even strangers to support your needs.

Raising Money for a School or District

What if you have to raise thousands of dollars? For larger fundraising needs, there are other effective strategies, such as applying for grants. There are plenty of grants out there that you can use for a wide range of needs. However, there are also specific grants targeted at STEM programs, the arts, after school programs, and more.

Then, when you’re ready to write your grant proposal or application, check out our post that walks you through the best practices of grant proposal writing.

With these tools, strategies, and resources, you’ll find that getting the funding that your classroom, school, or district needs is possible. Once you have the funding in hand, you can give students the education they deserve.

We wish you great success in your fundraising efforts!

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