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Meet Our Team

          The Happy Numbers team consists of experienced teachers, mathematicians, methodologists, designers, developers, writers, illustrators, and customer service professionals. They’re a small but important part of the Happy Numbers family. Here, we’d like to mention a few words about the people who contribute to our platform in the hopes of making your math instruction simpler, more effective, and more enjoyable! 

          The goal of the Happy Numbers team is to help teachers deliver the best math instruction possible to empower their students to develop math skills. At the heart of this goal are shared principles and values, as we all want students to explore math, demonstrate growth, and enjoy the journey from beginning to end. We are here to guide them each step of the way and create a comfortable environment for online education, which allows teachers to differentiate instruction and meet each student’s individual needs.

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From Our Team to Your Classroom

          We know that teachers value our reliability and this couldn’t have happened without the experience and knowledge of our competent methodologists, each one specializing in his own teaching subject and working hard to make our exercises engaging and effective. We’re here to provide a proper balance between enjoyment and education, which encourages students to become capable math-lovers.

          Another important constant is our willingness to keep up with the progress of the education sphere. First and foremost we position ourselves as a Common Core and State standards aligned program.Which is why our subject experts provide the most up to date information for the teachers just for them to be sure that the teaching process they’re about to launch with the use of our tool is going to be the most credible and correspond with the common standards of teaching. 

          Our subject experts know that any teaching process implies such prospective goals as developing students’ competent skills and abilities and want our  system to be able to help teachers and their students achieve these goals. That is why they pay a great deal of attention to developing a teaching and training platform that will actually monitor the progress of the students and present it to the teachers in the most clear and understandable way. Teachers can measure their students’ level, analyze math growth, and determine grade-level readiness.

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          Speaking of the progress, it is important to mention that we have also taken care of each student’s personal learning path by immersing him in a constant proximal development zone. 

          As it was mentioned earlier, the Happy Numbers team is always interested in implementing the most modern and efficient methods of teaching into the platform and Concrete - Pictorial - Abstract model of information delivery is one of them. Our authors and counselors believe that such a system of learning that uses physical and visual aids to build a child’s understanding of abstract topics fits in our lessons like nowhere else. That is how we create a meaning behind math and help teachers deepen students’ conceptual understanding of math.

          Moreover, our team truly believes that providing immediate feedback in a playful manner by helping a student to understand the mistake (not just by pointing it out) brings efficiency and  also saves the teacher's time. This, in combination with a personalized approach, lies in the basis of a  scaffolding method of teaching, which helps to develop students’ autonomy from the very first lesson to the last stage of the course. Our authors’ creativity, dedication and awareness of the educational subject matters help to create a wholesome learning process for the students and their teachers.

          We are glad to introduce you with the Happy Numbers team as much as with the platform itself as we have been honored to put our souls and minds into visual representation of a teaching and learning tool that will hopefully facilitate the studying process for both teachers and students. 

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