Grant Opportunities for Classrooms and Schools

Grant Opportunities for Classrooms and Schools

Wondering where to find grant opportunities for your school or district?

We’ve put together a helpful list of tools and resources so that you can easily find and identify grants that are perfect for your needs.

Check out the resources below, which have been organized into categories for ease of use:

Grant Opportunities:

Federal Grants
The federal government has various grant programs that provide funding for schools across the country.

State Department of Education Grants
Most state departments of education have a page dedicated to grants and funding opportunities. Below, find links to these successful pages where possible. Links to the department of education website are listed where a specific page is not available.

Corporate Grants
Many local big box, grocery stores, and other organizations also give locally. So check with the managers close to you about charitable giving and grants specific to your area.

Here are just a few companies that offer funding for schools and education programs.

Education Organizations:
There are many national organizations that offer grant opportunities.

National Educational Association

Search Tools:

Use these tools to help you identify even more grant and funding opportunities:

These tools can be helpful, but always remember to double-check the website of the organization administering the grants. That way you can make sure information is still relevant and applicable.

Amongst these resources, you’re sure to find a few grants that will work well for your funding needs. We wish you the best of luck as you apply to grants to fund your school or classroom.

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