The Top 11 Websites for Elementary Teachers That Make Life Easy

The Top 11 Websites for Elementary Teachers That Make Life Easy

Discover websites that can help you teach a variety of subjects to your students.

Is your brain fried by trying to come up with so many unique lesson plans? Or perhaps you’re tired of scouring your library for kid-friendly texts to teach certain topics. Whatever your troubles, there’s a good chance that the best sites for teachers can solve them.

With these websites for elementary teachers up your sleeve, you can concentrate on enjoying lesson plans and actually teaching your students! Below, find websites that offer everything from free lesson plans to great research sites for students. These are the best websites for elementary teachers!

Best Math Websites for Teachers and Students

1. National Council of Teachers of Math
Full of resources, one of the best finds on this website is the “problem of the week.” Pick out problems appropriate for your grade-level. These can be great “morning work” problems. In addition, check out the monthly featured lesson plans which are also available for each grade level.

2. Happy Numbers
Have you checked out our curriculum section? There, find free samples of our app that you can use with students. Alternatively, modify the problems and use them in your classroom as morning work or math time work. We’re sure you’ll love this resource!

Best Language Arts Websites for Teachers and Students

3. ReadWorks
Offering a variety of teaching tools, ReadWorks focuses on teaching literacy and language arts. It’s free for elementary school teachers and provides access to lots of reading content, evaluations, and more.

4. Epic!
Get access to thousands of ebooks for your students to read! Free for school teachers, this website will give your students access to endless reading opportunities.

5. Read Write Think
Supported by the International Literacy Association, the National Council of Teachers of English, and the Verizon Foundation, Read Write Think is a teacher’s website that provides free resources focused on teaching literacy and language arts. This excellent website for teachers is a treasure trove of free printables and activities that teachers can use in their classrooms. In addition, teachers can access professional development resources on the website.

Best Science and Social Studies Websites for Teachers and Students

6. Ducksters
Looking for content in kid-friendly language? Ducksters covers many areas of study including history, geography, and science. Send kids to do research on just about any topic there and they’ll find kid-appropriate definitions and explanations.

7. DK Find Out
One of the best sites for teachers, DK Find Out is perfect for sending children to explore a variety of topics. The interactive pages allow children to click on different areas to learn more about specific topics. Furthermore, many of the pages on history include maps and other fun features. The content is kid-friendly, interesting, and fun to explore! Try DK Find Out for everything from animals, to history, to science.

8. Wonderopolis
With information on a wide variety of subjects, this kid-friendly content is great. What’s particularly great about this site is that it offers clickable definitions for harder vocabulary words in each text.

9. National Geographic Kids
Studying animals? You need a great teaching website for teachers like Nat Geo for Kids. Research virtually any animal on the planet through National Geographic’s Kids page for easy to read information presented in a kid-friendly way. Of course, National Geographic is also known for its great photos and videos about animals, too. Plus, there are educational games on topics from space to bugs, recycling, and more. Take a look!

10. San Diego Zoo
Studying zoology? Check out some of the free resources available through the San Diego Zoo’s website. There are games, activities, excellent videos, and a wealth of information about animals. Check it out!

11. National Science Teaching Association
Looking for science lesson plans? This is the place to find them! With a new lesson published every day, there is a wide variety of lessons available on this website. In addition, you can find forums where teachers discuss problems, solutions, questions, and answers for all kinds of science teaching topics.

With these awesome teaching websites for teachers, you’ll be ready to tackle any topic or subject that comes up in the standards.

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